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Tom Hundersmarck

​Artist Statement

I have been an artist and a therapist for much of my life. I began painting as a kid and later worked for 30 years as a VA psychologist with veterans who survived combat and trauma. 

With my painting, I value the direct, sensual experience of color. Structural form in the painting is deemphasized to allow that sensual experience to predominate. I want the painting to be taken in gradually at the invitation of color and form. Forms from nature that can be named, emerge in this process as reference points rather than as true subject matter. 

When my art connects with the viewer, it is similar to the genuine interpersonal encounter experienced while working with veterans. Hopefully both the viewer and the veteran see something innovative and different and feel enlightened or healed in some way.  This encounter process in either realm may help expand personal horizons and may lead to a new understanding of the problem, be it artistic or emotional. 

For me, having lived in both the therapeutic and the artistic worlds, I found that each enriches the other. Every new canvas, like every new patient, can reveal a fresh new story.
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